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Welcome to the Djoharian Collection webshop. We offer a large selection of modern designer rugs, traditional rugs, Paulig rugs and kilim rugs. We focus on selected quality work by reputed workshops and fine materials. 

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Vintage Rug Sale Djoharian Collection
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Modern Design Rugs Djoharian

Exclusive modern Designer rugs

Handwoven rugs - comfort for your home or your office.
Modern hand-knotted rugs, plain or in trending designs - hand-made from high-quality new sheep's wool, mulberry silk, bamboo silk, mohair, alpaca or cashmere. Trendy colors for modern rooms. Custom-made carpet of your choice - you can choose from many colors and design templates.

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Djoharian vintage and antique rugs

Vintage and Antique Rugs

We offer a wide selection of vintage and antique rugs: Collector condition, Vintage, Worn to Perfection.

Collector condition are rugs that are in excellent original condtion or professionally restored. Vintage rugs are rugs with some patina, muted colors and have a used look. Worn to Perfection rugs have more wear, short pile and a distressed look. For what ever interior needs you are buying a rug for - we have many beautiful rugs available. 

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Benirugs by Djoharian

Beni Ourain and Moroccan Berber Rugs.

Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs - Berber rugs and carpets are mainly made in Morocco, Tunesia and Algeria. Largest producer are the tribal and nomadic Berber poeple of Morocco. Different areas produce very beautiful works of art.

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Djoharian Design Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs - hand woven tribal ART

Kilim carpets have been an integral part of international design for years. They had their breakthrough more than 100 years ago, when wonderful, colorful hand-woven carpets suddenly became available due to the growing trade between Europe and Asia.

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Djoharian Collection Classic

Traditional and Persian Oriental Rugs

The name Persian carpet usually refers to a floral patterned carpet in bold colors. There are carpets from India, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Caucasus. In Western usage, the word Persian carpet has prevailed in the period since about 1900 for all oriental rug, even if it does not correctly describe the origin of the rugs.

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Paulig rugs

Handwoven carpets - comfort for your home.

Modern handwoven - carpets, plain or in current designs - handwoven from high-quality new sheep's wool. Trendy colors for modern rooms. Custom-made carpet of your choice - you can choose from many colors and designs.


Custom-made bespoke rugs 

Are you looking for something very special? "Your" individual rug design? Made just for you? We specialize in manufacturing exclusive rugs in many designs and colors. You can also have your own motifs and designs knotted by hand in different qualities and materials. Carpets made of wool, silk, viscose, hemp and nettle. With our manufacturing partners in Nepal, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, almost nothing is impossible.

Djoharian Rug Washing

Djoharian carpet washing, carpet repair and carpet cleaning

Professional washing, cleaning and repair of your rug at DjoharianCollection in Lohr a. Main. Rug washing and rug repairs are a matter of trust. The professional handling of high-priced hand-knotted rugs requires a lot of knowledge, skill and experience.

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Djoharian rug restoration


Find Persian rugs, Indian rugs, Moroccan rugs and Kilim rugs on SALE.

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Paulig rugs

Paulig since 1750 handwoven rugs und Makalu Design carpets

 Paulig in Schwarzach is a family business since 1750. Their collections Beat (Base, Dance, Moda, Swing, Fox, Stone, Tamoure, Tweed) and Salsa (Base, Limes, Moda, Swing, Groove, Jive, Limbo, Rave, Stone, Atoll, Bali, Tonga, Jamaica, Tortuga, Rock) are state of the art woven rugs.  Edition, Domus, Century Art, Antique and Millenium Collection are hand knotted in Nepal.

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Persian Rugs - Turkish - Vintage - Designer - Modern Rugs - The Djoharian Collection

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Modern Rugs and Design Carpets - Djoharian Collection

Djoharian Collection rugs

Modern rugs and design rugs


Current design carpets in modern colors and patterns in a large selection and as custom-made in your desired size and color.

Design carpets by Djoharian - not "fashionable" but classic modern and timeless.

Currently there are many different trends, colors and motifs in modern design carpets. Very popular are carpets with an ethnic or oriental design. However, the colors are more in line with international and interior design trends. Thus, tones dominate gray, beige, blue and black. New colors are attracting customers, such as petrol, purple and gold - all in all, it will be a bit more opulent in interior design. Our customers still like to buy Beni Ourain rugs from Morocco. However, not all carpet customers appreciate the high pile carpets, so in Nepal we also produce Beni Ourain patterns with short pile and high quality Tibet Highland wool. Our modern rugs from India pick up the current trends with erased and oxidated patterns and reduced color palette.

We are Makalu Design brand retailers and lead the collections Edition. Domus, Century, Art and Millenium. All carpet collections can be made in wool or genuine silk, with 330 different colors to choose from.

15496 Modern Design Rugh Anastasia hand knotted 9.8 x 6.4 ft abstract Wool Bamboo Silk
RRP 4,785.10 USD
Only 3,828.08 USD
Modern designer Tibetan rug 8 x 6 ft hand-knotted Djoharian Design
RRP 925.41 USD
Only 610.40 USD
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