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The rug of your dreams

Are you looking for something very special? "Your" individual rug?

We specialize in making exclusive rugs in many designs and colors. You can also have your own motifs and designs knotted by hand in various qualities and materials. With our partner factories in Nepal, India, Afghanistan, Paksitan and Iran, almost everything is possible.
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Persian Rugs - Turkish - Vintage - Designer - Modern Rugs - The Djoharian Collection

New Collection - Vintage Distressed Look Heriz and Oushak Style Rugs 

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Curated selection of fine small - area - room size and oversize rugs.
Vintage decorative and antique interior design carpets from Persian Sarouk, Kerman, Tabriz, Turkish Oushak, Heriz, Serapi, Kashan, Isfahan, Tribal Qashqai and Turkoman Ersari

We have been importing and collecting rare and unusual rugs from all over the world for decades. We are specialized in finding unusual and unique pieces - this is why many dealers and interior designers use us as their first choice when looking for a beautiful rug. We have a regular stock of more than 1000 rugs in our showroom available for shipping. Persian rugs, silk rugs, moroccan rugs, kilim rugs for any room or taste. We offer antique Sarouk, Sultanabad, Mahal, Arak, Kashan, Kashmir, Isfahan, Kerman, Qum, Mashad and tribal rugs from Persia, Hereke silk and wool rugs from Turkey, oversize and palace size carpets.

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Modern Rugs and Design Carpets - Djoharian Collection

Djoharian Collection rugs

Modern rugs and design rugs


Current design carpets in modern colors and patterns in a large selection and as custom-made in your desired size and color.

Design carpets by Djoharian - not "fashionable" but classic modern and timeless.

Currently there are many different trends, colors and motifs in modern design carpets. Very popular are carpets with an ethnic or oriental design. However, the colors are more in line with international and interior design trends. Thus, tones dominate gray, beige, blue and black. New colors are attracting customers, such as petrol, purple and gold - all in all, it will be a bit more opulent in interior design. Our customers still like to buy Beni Ourain rugs from Morocco. However, not all carpet customers appreciate the high pile carpets, so in Nepal we also produce Beni Ourain patterns with short pile and high quality Tibet Highland wool. Our modern rugs from India pick up the current trends with erased and oxidated patterns and reduced color palette.

We are Makalu Design brand retailers and lead the collections Edition. Domus, Century, Art and Millenium. All carpet collections can be made in wool or genuine silk, with 330 different colors to choose from.


Quality rugs at best prices!

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