Makalu Century, the premier class of Makalu design qualities.

What is the quality of the Century Collection by Makalu Design?

Material: 100% Tibetan highland wool, New Zealand wool for very light shades. Hand-carded, hand-spun, hand-knotted with a high knot density of at least 100 knots / inch². Total height standard approx. 13 mm on request 9 mm. The pile is combined with real, high-quality natural silk in various designs. The combinations are LS = approx. 15% silk (low silk), MS = approx. 30% silk (medium silk), HS = approx. 50% silk (high silk). A pile made entirely of silk is also possible on request. Individual color combination from 300 colors as well as design changes, special shapes and own designs possible. Delivery time: max 16-20 weeks, depending on the size of the carpet.
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