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Our Collection of South-Persian Afshar and Sirjan Rugs

Afshar and Sirjan Rugs – the Afshar tribe originates in the Caucasus mountains of todays Azerbeijan. Afshar people settled in the heart of ancient Persia around the Kurdish city of Bidjar in the west and around the cities of Kerman and Sirjan in the south-east.  Until today, design and production is strongly influenced by the caucasian rug style..

Usually Afshar and Sirjan Rugs are of small size between 5 x 3 and 8 x 5 ft or 150 x 90 and 250 x 160 cm. Antique Afshar rugs are usually woolen pile hand knotted on woolen warp and weft. Vintage and recently made rugs are woolen pile on cotton warp and weft.

Find our collection of unique vintage Afshar and Sirjan Rugs:

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