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Azilal rugs for sale at low prices

What is an Azilal rug?

Azilal is a carpet name for a hand-knotted rug from the Azilal region in Morocco.

What does an Azilal rug cost?

Azilal rugs are not high priced for real hand knotted carpets. Old, antique or particularly rare pieces can be significantly more expensive.
What colors is an Azilal rug?
Azilal carpets typically have a light background and motifs in pink, green, yellow, blue, orange or red.
Do I need a carpet underlay for an Azilal carpet?
As Azilal carpets are very soft, I generally recommend using a carpet underlay as this increases safety.
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Azilal - Trendy carpets from Morocco.
Azilal carpets are hand knotted in Morocco. North-east of Marrakech, a four-hour drive in an off-road vehicle takes you to the mountainous region where women in small villages make these carpets. Azilal rugs often have a light background color and colorful, geometric motifs. The fluffy pile is typical of Azilal rugs - a real cuddly carpet! Since the women often knot the carpets in their homes, the knotting chairs are not very high. That is why most Azilal carpets are made in small formats. Typical sizes are 5 x 3 ft, 6 x 4 ft, 7 x 5 ft and 8 x 6 ft cm. In contrast to many other Moroccan Berber carpets with a wool warp, Azilal are almost always worked on a cotton warp.