Beni Ourain and Moroccan Berber Rugs

Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs

Berber rugs and carpets are mainly made in Morocco, Tunesia and Algeria.

Largest producer are the tribal and nomadic Berber poeple of Morocco. Different areas produce very beautiful works of art. The Beni Ouarain / Beni Ourain are famous for their thick white wool rugs with brown geometrical designs. Azilal, Shrouit and Telsnit carpets remind of the persian Gabbeh carpets with their dominat colors and flushy high pile. Zemmour and Taznakht Berber carpets often have brilliant strong colors and vibrant looks. Besides the tribal rugs and carpets there are mosty wool white colored rugs made by manufacturing companies.

We are specialized in hard to find large and oversized Beni Ouarain rugs and carpets.

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We buy Berber carpets in Morocco. For many years we have known village communities and women cooperatives who knot wonderful carpets for us. On our shopping trips we visit all regions relevant to carpet production. But our hearts are particularly attached to the region around the city of Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains to the south.

For our trip we always rent a large off-road vehicle so that there is enough space to take with us any "natural resources" that we have found spontaneously. All carpets that we buy on our tour are used in Marrakech, where they are packed and sent to us in Germany.

Sometimes you can find beautiful old carpets along the way. That is simply luck, because today, cheap machine-made goods are often given preference over hand-made products in Morocco. Here we were traveling far south of the Atlas Mountains, already in the first dunes of the Sahara. The small place is called Mhamid and this is where the road at Wadi Draa ends. From here it is about 50 days to Timbukto by caravan.

Down here, the carpets are often more colorful and intense in color. The shades of blue, red, orange and beige are most common, the patterns are geometric and abstract.

On the way out of the desert back towards Zagora we come through the place Tamegroute. The pottery, which is enamelled with a special gasur, is known and loved. The high copper content in the glaze oxidizes and gives the typical green color. You can find beautiful fruit bowls, candlesticks and other useful and decorative pieces, all of which are still handmade.

Of course, haggling and trading are also part of the program here.

But in the end they come to an agreement and seal the deal with a handshake. We will shortly receive new items and will then be able to post them here in the online shop

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