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Bidjar carpets are among the most durable rugs on the market.

The highest quality carpets from Persia include the carpets and rugs of the genus Bidjar from the Kurdish part of Western Persia. The Provenience includes both coarse pieces from the villages Sanjan or Goltogh as well as very fine and accurately knotted quality carpets, which are commercially available under the name Afshar Bidjar, Tekap / Tekab Bidjar or Halvai (Halwai) Bidjar. Carpets from the town of Sanandaj (formerly Senneh) also belong to the Bidjar group, have similar motifs, but were previously knotted only with a weft thread between the rows of knots. As a result, old Senneh rugs in the handle looked soft and almost limp. Sanandaj of recent production are knotted with 2 weft threads between the rows of knots and the knots are compressed very much. This results in very dense, heavy and durable carpets.

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Bidjar carpets fo sale

Bidjar carpets are a guarantee of elegant flair and timeless interior design. This classic among Persian rugs is not without reason one of the most popular rugs on the market. Clearly textured motifs combined with a small Herati pattern create an elegant look that blends perfectly with both classic and modern furnishings. The wool quality of real Bidjar carpets is legendary. Extremely dense knotting and high-quality wool guarantee a durability that can last for decades. Bidjar carpets are always up-to-date, as they give each room an exclusive and valuable touch.

Indian Rugs in Bijar design

Bidjar design carpets are also made in India. High-quality rug makers of Indian production are nowhere near their Persian name givers in terms of quality and beauty. The use of selected wool from New Zealand guarantees a good durability, the subtle colors fit very well to any living environment.

Bidjar carpets for every room

Bidjar carpets are available in many sizes. From rugs in size 2 x 3 ft, 4 x 5 ft, 5 x 3 ft,  to larger accent sizes such as 6 x 4 ft, 7 x 5 ft, 8 x 6 ft. The most common large formats are 10 x 7 ft, 8 x 10 ft, 12 x 9 ft. Oversizes are rarer. Runners and galleries are usually in 10 x 3 ft, 12 x 3 ft and 13 x 3 ft. Particularly suitable are Bidjar carpets due to their robust quality for dining room and living room. Should not be the right carpet to be found in our online selection - no problem. Contact us by phone +49 - (0) 09352-80382 or email, we always have fresh goods on the way, which is not yet listed online.