Columbus Day Weekend Rug Sale 2020

Columbus Day - Join our SALE with great savings for the Holidays 2020!

Columbus Day Weekend is a traditionally strong selling time for home furnishings and rugs. Our hand knotted Oriental, Persian and Modern rugs add warmth and coseyness to any room.

Columbus Day Rug Sale

Persian Rugs

Djoharian Collection offers a wide range of Persian Rugs in many styles and designs. A Persian rug is essential for any cultivated interior design. Rugs and Carpets from Persia have been a indispensible part of decorating a room for centuries.

Floral Rugs on Sale on Columbus Day

Floral Rugs are usually made in a high quality and a high knot count. The small knots enable the artisans to produce a natural like look on the rug. Flowers, trees and animals decorate the design. Well known floral rugs from Persia are Isfahan, Kashan, Tabriz, Mashad, Kerman and Qum.

Columbus Day rug sale


Geometric design Rugs on Sale on Columbus Day

Rugs with geometric design are often of tribal or village origin. Heriz, Qashqai or Karaja rugs are typical samples. Also al tribal rugs like Bakhtiar, Ersari or Turkoman are of geometric pattern. 

Columbus Day Sale