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Karl-Heinz Ahmad Djoharian - Owner of the Djoharian Collection Art Oriental GmbH 

About us

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The Djoharian Family has been trading and designing handmade carpets in Germany since 1967. We import hand-knotted carpets from Persia, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and Morocco.

The roots are in the grand bazaar of Tehran, one of the largest bazaars in the world and a hub for goods from all over the Orient for centuries. Almost all of our carpets used to come from there.
Over the decades, the range of our carpet collection has continued to develop. The first connections to Nepal for the import of Tibetan carpets were established in the 1990s. At the same time, the first commissioned work was produced for us in India.
In the 2000s we were among the first dealers to offer Beni Ourain carpets from Morocco on a large scale - a good 10 years before such pieces became a trend product internationally.
We are currently expanding our "Made to Order" - custom-made bespoke carpets on request "- offering interior designers and porject clients an incredible variety of designs, colors and qualities. Custom-made products make up the majority of our business today.

Karl-Heinz Ahmad Djoharian - owner and managing director - is one of the top specialists for old and antique carpets in Europe, based on a wealth of experience that can only be acquired through a love of carpet art, daily work with rugs and carpets from all over the world and constant study over decades. He also learned early on how to restore antique carpets - this is a great help in understanding what makes a good carpet in terms of material and workmanship - or not.

The second hobby that has become a profession is interior design. Anyone who understands a room can also give proper advice. The focus here is not on standard solutions, but rather on individual selections that fit the furnishings, the desired effect and - especially - the person. Whether Edwardian, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Midcentury Modern, Seventies or current interior design trends - the solution lies with Djoharian.

Years in the United States and the collaboration with renowned interior designers, primarily in New York, Los Angeles and London, shaped the taste. Most Djoharian carpets are now exported to the United States and the United Kingdom. Accordingly, the focus when buying the carpets is less focused on the German mainstream than on project-related needs of international customers. Djoharian rugs are now found in meeting rooms in Hong Kong, Hotels in New York and Clubs in London.

If you have customers with special requirements, you cannot offer standart solutions. We work with exclusive manufacturers all over the Orient. Our carpets come from Kabul, Lahore, Pershawar, Kathmandu, Agra, Jaipur, Marrakech and all Persian cities that still produce special pieces. We have new carpets knotted ourselves according to our specifications. We do not buy carpets from importers or wholesalers.

Fair trade has always been a major concern. We know our manufacturers and pay attention to socially responsible production. Only when the weavers and manufacturers are doing well are we doing well. After all, we're all in the same boat and have to pull together. That is why we are also a partner at Label Step Fair Trade Carpets. Anyone who travels to the countries and sees the widespread poverty should think carefully about whether it is morally OK to squeeze suppliers to the ear to earn a few euros more - that is not our way. We firmly believe that only that who gives, gets something again! We pass our carpets on to our customers with good karma.
The Djoharian Collection is specialized in buying - restoring - collectiong - selling unique carpets and rugs since 1967. Many pieces of our collection are vintage or antique rugs . We curate our collection with care and buy pieces that are unique in design, quality and stlye. Since these collectibles have been in use for a long time - between 30  and 150 years - they need a gentle hand to wash and restore them. We have our in - house washing ans restoring facility.
Many private buyers, commercial customers like stores and hotels as well as interior designers worldwide found us as their favorite source when looking for a representative rug or carpet. We are the only dealer worldwide who is listed as reliable source at all these collector platforms:

1stdibs.com  vinterior.co  The Jozan Magazine  Rug Rag  

Our main market for vintage and antique collector pieces are UK, USA, Italy and Germany. We are proud that our customers receive their rugs within less than 5 business days to their door (customs clearance might be added)!