Ersari Rug - Turkmen Rugs

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Ersari Rug - Turkmen Rugs

Ersari carpets - from the Turkoman tribes in northern Afghanistan

The classic Ersari design among the Turkmen carpets.

The tribe of the Ersari is located in southern Turkmenistan and northern Afghanistan and is one of the 12 Turkmen tribes. Ersari carpets are relatively easy to recognize by their typical pattern. Turkmen carpets usually have a pattern that is built on several rows of main and minor borders and a midfield with a repeating motif of main Gul and minor Gul. A Gul is the pattern parts, which are arranged repeatingly in the infield. Guls can be in octagonal shape in rhombus or equilateral form - depending on the Ersari tribe and origin.

Ersati rug antique vintage gold  Ersati rug red antique  Ersati rug vintage   

Ersati rug vintage Afghanistan boho style pink  Ersati rug oversize Afghanistan antique turkoman  Ersati rug vintage oversize copper turkoman carpet