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Sustainable rugs?

Sustainability is the topic of the moment. People are finally thinking about our environment and the consumption of resources. You should also pay attention to this when buying a rugs.

When is a product sustainable? In our opinion, there are a few points that are indispensable for this. For example the materials. Our rugs are made exclusively from natural products. Sheep's wool, natural silk or cotton are renewable raw materials with a long service life. We have wool rugs in stock that were knotted more than 100 years ago and have been in use ever since. This is far better than using cheap, machine-made rugs made from petroleum-based synthetic fibers and disposing of them as hazardous waste after a few years.

Sustainable manufacturing gives jobs to many people. In the supply chain where our rugs are made, many families earn their living. The shepherd, the shearer, the wool spinner, the carder, the dyer, the pattern maker, the knotter, the washer and the staff in administration and logistics. When you consider that each of these people provides four to six people with food and the opportunity for school and education, buying a sustainably produced rug is the best thing you can do.


Source: Label STEP

It is essential that all these people receive a fair wage. We pay fair prices and have been Label Step Fair Trade Partners since 2008.

Label STEP is the non-profit fair trade organization dedicated to the welfare of weavers and workers in the handmade carpet industry.

When you buy a carpet from a certified STEP partner, you help improve the lives of the people who made it.

Improving the lives of workers and weavers while building a sustainable handmade carpet industry is a complex process. It requires not only producers who follow applicable laws and the Label STEP fair trade standard, but also an informed workforce who can make meaningful contributions to the conversation and progress.

Please also visit the Label STEP website to learn about sustainable projects in the fair rug trade.

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