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Every room has different requirements for the right carpet. In addition to the patterns and colors, the formats are most important for the desired effect and look. 

In order to achieve a perfect result when decorating the living room, a few points should be taken into account when choosing the carpet.

  • What size should the rug be?
  • What style of furnishing should the room have?
  • Which colors should dominate or remain in the background?
  • How big is my room?
  • Should the furniture be on the rug or not?
  • Should the rug be a decorative element to decorate the room or should it blend in?
  • How much light does the room have during the day and under artificial lighting?
  • What surface is the rug laid on and what color or structure does the floor have?
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What size should the living room carpet be?

In order to create a pleasant ambience, it is not just the design of the carpet that is important. In my opinion, the right size of the carpet is much more important. This involves taking into account the proportions of the room and the size and arrangement of the furniture. Of course, my tips should only be seen as recommendations; what matters is how you personally like it. 

  1. Try to make the rug as large as possible without making it seem “squeezed in” or too “bulky”. Remember - a beautiful carpet is a design object and a textile feel-good factor. It can and should pull the room together, otherwise you are probably better off with wall-to-wall carpeting.
  2. Should the carpet be under the furniture? Yes, if it is a couch, sofa or armchair. I always try to create a unit as a kind of island. When the rug extends about halfway under the couch, the slot visible between the floor and the bottom edge of the furniture is filled with the rug's pattern. This looks far better than having a piece of the floor sticking out.