Shipping & payment conditions

We charge the following amounts for shipping. Prices listed in EUR. The costs will be transformed into your selected currency at checkout.

0-5 kg ​​EUR 5.95
Free shipping from 5 kg or purchase above EUR 85,00

EU - UK - Norway, Andorra, Lichtenstein, San Marino
Up to 5 kg EUR 16.50, from 5 kg free shipping

USA, Canada, Cyprus
Up to 5 kg EUR 35.00, up to 80 kg EUR 60.00, up to 100 EUR 90.00, up to 200 kg EUR 150.00, from 200 kg free shipping

Singapore,J apan, Australia, China, Mexico, Israel
Up to 2 kg EUR 85.00, up to 10 kg EUR 100.00, up to 35 kg EUR 150.00, up to 70 kg EUR 200.00, from 70 kg free shipping

South Africa
Up to 10 kg EUR 110.00, up to 15 kg 125.00, up to 20 kg 145.00, up to 30 kg 185.00, up to 40 kg 200.00, up to 50 kg EUR 225.00, up to 60 kg EUR 235.00, up to 70 kg 285.00

We ship to all countires that can be serviced by UPS shipping. If your country is not serviced by UPS, please contact us and we will see if shipping by FedEx, TNT or DHL is possible.
Shipping costs will depent on weight and destination of your order. Costs will be shown in your check out.
We offer shipping by UPS Expedited in our checkout, if you prefer UPS Express please contact us for a personal shipping offer.

Please calculate 5 - 15 business days until delivery depending upon destination . If you need furhter informaiton please send us an email with your City and ZIP code, State and Country - we will inform you about the delivering time then.

Purchase above EUR 1000.00 have to be declared to German Customs office. Please calculate two additional business days for us to receive the Export Declaration Form before we can ship your items.

Please note: We are based in Germany, all items are shipped from our Gallery in Lohr, Bavaria, Germany. Sales to customers in European Union are including VAT and there is no custom duty to be paid.

Sales to customers outside European Union don´t include VAT or customs duty - If customers destination country charges VAT,  other Taxes or custom duties it will be in buyers responsibility to pay them, they are not part of the selling price. All customs clearance will be done by the shipping company. If fees or duty are charged they will be collected before or when the parcel is delivered.

We accept

  • payment by wire / international bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards