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Khotan and Samarkand carpets

The origin of the Khotan carpets lies in western China. They reached Samarkand via the Silk Road, from where trade with buyers from Europe was coordinated. That is why such carpets are also called Samarkand carpets. The designs are closely related to Turkmen motifs. Antique Khotan rugs often have rich colors of vegetable or mineral origin. Pieces produced after the introduction of chemical dyes are often faded and light in color.
For a few years, the elegant and calm Khotan carpets have been enjoying increasing popularity in modern interior design. For this purpose, we produce carpets in light colors in our partner manufactories in Afghanistan and Nepal.
The pile is made of high end quality wool - hand spun, hand dyed and often vegetable dyes and knotted by master weavers. These rugs are very decorative and the design has Samarkand and Chinese Influences which is typical for Khotan design. Colors and style are also seen on semi antique or vintage Pomegranate Samarkand and Khotan carpets.

The rugs are usually made of a woolen pile - warp and weft are cotton.

Well known designs are the Pomegranate Tree - a symbol of Life and Spring - and the cloud band with medaillons are very typical for Khotan rugs. Used colors are light denim blue, beige, golden rose, browns and reds.

Khotan rugs are very looked after since they go well with many Interior styles such Traditional, Farmhouse, Hollywood Regency, Industrial, Vintage Boho and Art Deco.

The apperance of Khotan Samarkand rugs is elegant.
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