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Once Upon a Time i Was a Heriz, Contemporary Rug in Silk by Djoharian Design
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Modern Design Rugs

Modern Design Rugs

Handwoven carpets - comfort for your home.
Modern handwoven rugs, plain or in current designs - hand-knotted from high-quality sheep's wool, real silk or bamboo silk. Trendy colors for modern rooms. Custom-made bespoke rugs of your choice - you can select from many colors and desigs.
Our specialty is individual service and the manufacture of custom rugs according to customer requirements. Interior decoraters and designers welcome.
16202Tibetan Tiger Rug 6 x 3 ft hand-knotted Lilac Orange Pink
16202 Tibetan Tiger Rug 6 x 3 ft hand-knotted Lilac Orange Pink
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Modern Design Rugs - Contemporary Art for your Floors

Hand-knotted rugs and carpets are in demand like never before. Due to the high quality and the aesthetic appearance, contemporary rugs harmonize perfectly with modern or minimalist room concepts. Regardless of whether the room requires a subtle carpet in reduced colors and low contrasts, such as in Scandinavian design with graphic motifs, or a decorative carpet with expressive colors and a dominant design - our possibilities are almost unlimited.

A hand knotted rug is an indispensable furnishing element. It not only means comfort, but is the balance in the optics of the room. A matching and stylish carpet protects the floor and creates an island of coziness. Designer rugs are like painings on the floor A high-quality hand knotted rug is a statement of quality and art.
Handmade carpets made of wool combine tradition, craftsmanship and modernity. Our collections reflect various ideas, whether decorative or subtle, the rug makes a statement in the room.
More than just warm feet.
Handwoven carpets are elaborately woven by hand using natural materials. Our artisans work for weeks and months on exquisite floor treasures that bring joy and well-being into the home. We attach great importance to ecologically valuable materials such as the best new wool. All carpets are manufactured under social and ethical aspects, which comply with the Label Step - Fairtrade Carpets - Code of Conduct.
Ecologically valuable
High-quality hand-woven carpets have a long service life - provided they are of the right quality. They can be used on both sides. This saves global resources and should be considered with every carpet purchase.
We're happy to help - there's no substitute for competence Furnishing has been our passion for more than 50 years. Over decades we have acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the practical implementation of any living situation. We have an understanding of spaces and formats. But all this is nothing if you ignore the people who live in this environment. We are happy to provide our expertise and our trained eye for the right design carpet.