Hand knotted Oushak Rugs

Oushak rugs

Oushak carpets have their origins in Turkey. The city of Oushak (Uşak) is located about 140 miles east of the city of Izmir. The entire region of Western Anatolia has been known for its carpet production for centuries.

The best-known representatives of the Oushak Group include the large-format star oushak and medallion oushak carpets from the 15th to 18th centuries, which have survived in many castles and palaces in Europe. These pieces are sought-after collector's items in the international art market today. Carpets from Oushak experienced a second boom from 1870, when hand-knotted carpets first became accessible to a broader public at the major world exhibitions in Europe and the USA. Oushak rugs from this era are characterized by a pastel color scheme and particularly soft wool. Here one often speaks of Angora Oushaks, as the finest Angora wool was used for the production. Antique Oushak carpets usually have a foundation (warp and weft) made of wool.
Today carpets with Oushak design are knotted in Turkey, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. There are different styles here - pastel or white-ground oushaks as well as "funky" oushaks with vibrant colors. Newly produced Oushak carpets are sheared very low in pile after knotting to give them a vintage or used look.
14608 Oushak vintage rug Turkish 9 x 2.7 ft / 273 x 78 cm Worn to perfection.
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