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Heriz antique rug

Heriz Rug Vintage and Antique Rugs and Karaja, Serapi and Geravan Carpets

What is a Heriz rug?

Heriz rugs are named after the town Heriz in the Azerbaijan region. Heriz is located between the cities Tabriz and Ardebil and is an important center of persian rug making. 

What do Heriz rugs look like?

The designs are geomertic and influenced by the close by Caucasus. Usually they have a star shaped center medaillon in a blid and geometric style. Colors are often Red, Brwon, Blue, Green and Beige.

How fine are Heriz rugs?

Heriz Rugs are not very fine but have a very good shiny wool. The foundation (warp and weft) are made of cotton. In Heriz, many rugs from close by cities and villages are collected and sold. The most known of these are Ahar, Bakhshayesh, Geravan, Karaja, Mehraban.

Typically these rugs have a large center medaillon and dark red, brown or blue colors. Very rare are pure silk Heriz rugs - these were made 1850 - 1920 and are expensive collector items.
Heriz designs are also made in Turkey and in India. Turkish Heriz rugs are named Azeri rugs. Indian Heriz rugs sometimes reproduce the original design and color sheme but also have own interpretations of the Heriz style. 
Interior designers working for international clients have redicovered the Heriz style as a great addition to Modern and Industrial Interior. Our new Collection of Heriz rugs from India is made from wool and bamboo silk in powder pastel dyes and low pile to attach a vintage look.

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Heriz rugs for sale

Shop and buy original hand knotted Heriz rugs from the Djoharian Collection. Our Heriz rugs and carpets are available in the following sizes: 8 x 10 ft, 9 x 12 ft, 14 x 10 ft, 15 x 11 ft, 20 x 16 ft. We also have hallway runners in various length. Our fast shipping service makes sure you will receive your Heriz rug within days, no matter if you are in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow, New York, Los Angeles or any other city or town.