Qum Silk Persian Rugs

Qum Silk Rugs - finest quality and material woven into pieces of art.

Qum - a city located circa 130 km south of the iranian capital city of Tehran - is famous for it´s production of finest pure silk rugs. 

Hand knotting of rugs is no long tradition in Qum (also Qom or Ghom). It started about 1930, when carpet merchants from the near by city of Kashan had too much orders from european and american customors to handle them with their own looms in Kashan. At the beginning Qum rugs were strongly infuenced by Kashan rug designs. After 1950 they also adopted geometric designs from the caucasian rugs. Ín this time the weaving of silk rugs started in Qum. Until about 1980, most silk rugs had a weave density of about 7 x 7 knots per cm², today the finest rugs can have up to 14 x 14 knots per cm². Typical designs are finely drawn floral designs with Medaillon, Mirror Design, Tree of Life Design, Garden of Paradise Design, Hunting Rug Design.

Mirror Design Samples

Persian Rug Qum Silk 5 x 3 ft     


Hunting Rug Design Samples

Persian Qum Silk Hunting Rug 5 x 3 ft / 150 x 100 cm